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Our story...

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to The Shropshire Candy Cart Co.

I thought I would take this chance to tell you a little about us and what we do.

I am the founder, driving force and the creative mind behind The Shropshire Candy Cart Co. I have always dreamed of working in the events industry, then one day, I woke up and took the plunge to start my own business. It's great to say, I have never looked back.

The company is always expanding and diversifying to meet the needs of you, my customer. We started with event carts, candy gifts and wedding favours and now we are growing in the event décor sector too.

My husband & I understand how stressful events can be, especially weddings, so I pride myself on being reliable and making hiring with us an smooth process.

Thank you for reading and I hope you think of us for your next event!

Hannah Jackson-Griffiths

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